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Scuba Diving Vava'u Tonga

Dive Tonga holds the PADI Five Star Rating.

What will you see underwater?

Just to name a few species that we have seen on our Tongan dive sites, turtles, sharks, tuna, wahoo, barracuda, bump head parrot fish, marlin, sail fish, spotted eagle rays, manta rays, sunfish, moray eels, lion fish, nudibranchs, mandarin fish and if you get really lucky a whale shark or humpback whale.

Below are just a few of the spectacular dive sites we have….

No Worries 

Discovered in 2018 this pinnacle is an epic deep dive, you will need to be certified to advanced or above as we will hit the 40meter mark. This dive can be done is several directions, both start on top of the pinnacle at eight meters and dropping down the wall to 40meters with several awesome swim throughs. This is an epic dive with big fish and big views.

Scuba Diving in Tonga

Split Rock (Tu’ungasika Island)

Split Rock is exactly that! An unusual rock formation with a giant split down the middle which looks as though it was sliced with a knife.  Beautiful dive through the split – you will never know what you might see from purple and orange coloured nudis to White tip reef sharks!  Split Rock has it all.

China Town: (Tu’ungasika Island)

Named for its pagoda-like porite coral formations that are covered with multi-hued tube worms (Christmas Tree Worms).  An easy swim up a gully will get you to a bright red anemone spread over several metres in around 18 metres of water – this is home to a rather large extended anemone fish family.  At 27 metres the growth of green lettuce coral continues out as far as you can see continuing across a ridge with schools of large surgeonfish and species of butterfly fish.  The return offers plenty of tunnels and crevices to check for sleeping sharks, emperor angelfish and cruising harlequin or clown triggerfish.

Sea Fans (Tu’ungasika Island)

Two amazing different sea caves, Sea Fans is just beautiful.  Head into the largest of the caves but be sure to spend time examining the cave walls for wonderfully coloured nudis – as you head around the corner, the light streaming into the cave entrance shines magically off the large Gorgonian Fans attached to the side of the cave wall and floor.  Wonderful dive for all levels.

Swallows Cave

One of our most popular caves for snorkelers and divers alike.  After entering the cave from a 5-6 metre long swim through – you are literally bombarded by thousands of small and not so small fish which hangout within the cave.  At a maximum depth of around 18 metres the main feature of this cave is the fish and light coming through the main entrance… truly magical and a dive site not to be missed!

Pelagic Pinnacle

Two deep flat rock pinnacles joined in the middle by a “bridge” – Pelagic Pinnacle is a jewel!  Starting at a depth of 12/14 metres and drops off into blue of well over 50 metres – you never know what you will see.  From large grey reef sharks, eagle rays, large schools of jacks and barracuda.  Current can be strong here – not for the faint hearted!



Kitu Cut – The Gap (Between the Islands of Kitu and Nua Papu)

Originally chosen as a site that provided “adventure” as a drift dive in strong current flows.  It can be dived in several directions depending on the current flow and strength at the time.  The normal dive is to start on the northern end of Nua Papu (near Kitu) and cruise through the gap with the current flow.  The species and creatures here are as diverse as the conditions and are generally described as “really different”.  Along the Nua Papu shore are great thickets of flexible waving leather corals which change to bare limestone patches and more rugged formations as we pass between the islands.  This ends the dive with a cruise along the reef shoulder…. Many times good varieties and numbers of pelagic species and schooling reef fish in abundance.

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